Welcome To My Blog!

Hello all!

My name is Wamya, but my friends call me Pham.

Welcome to I’m Just Sayin, Pham, which is my new blog.

I’ll be reviewing latest movies, old movies and anything else that’s cool and movie related.

I hope my insight helps.

Feel free to leave comments and if you’re interested in a full bio, check my About page.


~ by imjustsayinpham on April 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Welcome To My Blog!”

  1. Hey Pham….Can I have a free beat? Hook a brother up.Lmao! Im everywhere beech! Hahaha…nice to see you have started a blog. I liked the review…Now,I’ll watch the movie when *cough cough* it comes on to dvd ;)

  2. hey man big fan!

  3. now this is exactly wat you should be doing
    good stuff homie

  4. Dude!!!
    Nice one! Will definitely visit this often despite sometimes our opinions differ :)
    My goodness have you seen Clash of the Titans?? Really, sad stuff. Couldn’t believe it. Juts as bad as watching the Hurt Locker, these movies were praised by the ‘masses’ and I get all excited only to be let down…
    SHUTTER ISLAND, now that lived up to my expectations!!

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