Random Pic: “Why Dude?! Why?!”

I was sitting and having a think when I randomly remembered a movie that probably isn’t worth the reel it was shot on – Dreamcatcher. All I can say is Woooooow!!! I honestly forgot all about Morgan Freeman’s HORRENDOUS getup in Dreamcatcher. I can’t decide what was worse – Morgan Freeman’s Master Splinter meets Trey from Boyz-N-The Hood look or the movie itself. Either, or…TERRRRIBLE, just TERRRRIBLE.


~ by imjustsayinpham on June 28, 2010.

One Response to “Random Pic: “Why Dude?! Why?!””

  1. […] know it looks like there’s a senior citizen/Morgan Freeman theme going on here but this is TRULY coincidence. Definitely seeing this one when it comes […]

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