Review: Date Night (2010)

Being a HUGE Steve Carrell (he’s hilarious in the US version of The Office), I had been excited about this project since I heard about it. The involvement of Tina Fey on the other hand had me in doubt a little considering that her last big screen outing, 2008’s Baby Mama was pretty average. She is good in 30 Rock, though. With that being said, Date Night definitely made for a good watch. It follows The Fosters, a middle aged couple with kids, who’s marriage has fizzled out and fallen into being tradition which includes a date night, at the same restaurant. Out of desperation to save their marriage they decide to try out a new upscale restaurant…and CUE one hell of a night, involving mistaken identity, the “King of Siam”, a running gag which involves a shirtless Mark Wahlberg, car chases, the most ridiculous dance scene caught on film since Jean Reno and Steve Martin twirling around in curtain bodysuits in The Pink Panther. Steve Carrell and Tiny Fey are great as The Fosters but Steve Carrell steals the spotlight and manages to be one of the most lovable bumbling idiots cinema has had to offer in a while. Tiny Fey’s passive delivery helps to emphasize the boredom and stress the couple is experiencing but it also tends to make her performance seem force…sorta like she couldn’t be bothered to deliver her lines. Date Night may not be one for the comedy hall of fame, but its a great way to spend over an hour of your time – Laughs guaranteed. Date Night may just be the thing to spice up your very own “Date Night”.

PHAMometer Reading: 75°C


~ by imjustsayinpham on June 28, 2010.

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