Review: Harry Brown (2009)

In an era where every heroes tend to be less Steve McQueen and more Justin Timberlake, film with Michael Caine as a vigilante may not be appealing for 2 reasons:

1. He’s OLD (No, I’m not ageist..just don’t know too many people who want to see someone their grandpa’s age doing cartwheels and kicking in doors).

2. Gran Torino, the 2008 Drama starring Clint Eastwood as an aged vigilante who shows the “youngsters” that he’s still got it.

Although Harry Brown may seem similar to Gran Torino in some ways it’s actually great film that stands on its own and gives viewers a chance to experience the gritty side of Britain through the eyes of Harry Brown, a widowed veteran who’s descent into violence is fueled by the murder of a friend at the hands of a local gang. Michael Caine plays the part of Harry Brown very well. Managing to switch between being tough as nails to fragile when scenes require.

Emily Mortimer appears as a detective, who becomes fond of Harry while investigating the path of destruction left behind by Harry and the gang. Another highlight of the film is it’s soundtrack, which boasts big beats from the UK Hip-Hop/Grime scene (British musician, Plan B has a role in the film as Noel Winter, the main antagonist). If you’re looking for a film that provides a balance between powerful performances and thrills, look no further than Harry Brown. Michael Caine definitely gets a seat at the “cool kids’ table” with this one.

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~ by imjustsayinpham on June 28, 2010.

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